The RISE of Salespreneurs in 2020

As we step into a brand new year, we bring with us not only the lessons we have learned from the past but also our high hopes for the future.

2020 is not just any other year—it is the start of another decade that holds the promise of endless possibilities and life-changing opportunities.  And with Green Circle Realty climbing up to its 14th year in the industry this 2020, expectations are running high and grander goals are being set.

There is no doubt that through the years, we have produced some of the most successful real estate salespeople by going against the tide of traditional selling.  This is through the seamless combination creative salesmanship & innovative entrepreneurship, known today as SALESPRENEURSHIP.  It is a disruptive business discipline which has become my personal advocacy and made me earn the monicker, Master Salespreneur, for helping other enterprising individuals succeed through salespreneurship.

The world of real estate is not without any challenges or setbacks but I see the opportunity to change the lives of people for the better as a far greater reward to stay the course.  This is why Green Circle’s vision has never been this clear as we claim 2020 as the year that will see the R.I.S.E. of more aspiring real estate salespreneurs. 

We rise as we remain RESILIENT amidst the many obstacles and difficulties by choosing to push forward rather than giving up.

We rise by adapting to the continuously evolving landscape of real estate selling through non-stop INNOVATION and progressive mindset.

We rise in the name of SERVICE to our homebuyers whose trust continue to fuel our passion to serve and help them have a home for their family.

Lastly, we rise by never losing the ENTHUSIASM that has lifted us to where we stand today and makes us feel the joy and fulfilment of being part of this industry.

We all have envisioned 2020 as a year of more growth and positive transformation. At Green Circle Realty, this has always been the goal for the hundreds of enterprising individuals who joined our team.

And this year, we will strive not only to make our top-earning real estate salespreneurs the face of success but also the symbol of a steadily rising force that is creating an impact in the real estate selling business.




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As we step into a brand new year, we bring with us not only the lessons we have learned from